can i stay in the car

by ellie bleach

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yasminlily an absolute out of this world gal with the tunes as sweet as the glazing on a donut X Favorite track: mood ring.
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released September 4, 2016

cool lava lamp pic by abbie steer
everything else by ellie



all rights reserved


ellie bleach Norwich, UK

i only make music to get girls

maybe we can have a cry about it sometime

ig: bleachbaabe
fb: elliebleachmusic

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Track Name: tofu brain
my eyes feel like anvils
yours glisten like damp soil
i look so ugly next to you
i haven't been sleeping
just lying half dreaming
my back it kills but i dare not move

and i've got this strange feeling - it's all down hill from here

my friends will roll their eyes
when i tell them of last night
the moral highground's got a lovely view
cos next week its a new boy
i'll have to cross the street to avoid
i'm up all night trying to overwrite you
Track Name: mood ring
i think i left my mood rings round at your house
i havent named my feelings in a while now
i'm even too embarrassed to write it all down
my head's become a lava lamp i'm permanently spaced out

and i can't wait to keep knowing you
but in the back of my mind i know one thing is true

you're gonna make a fool of me

i think i lost my phone last night in the cab home
we were singing a great song i don't remember how it goes
so much to take in, the driving making conversation
and an angel next to me, no wonder i lose track of my possessions

and i'd like to swap brains with a mantis shrimp
just to see you in colours we don' know exist
(but it's all gonna end in tears)

you're gonna make a fool of me
Track Name: hot mess
breathing out cigarettes and whisky
tasting like an old western movie
can i follow you raggedy cowboy
i love that you dont know what you're doing

miss pristine's withering away in the sun
i've had 20 midlife crisies i'm not even 21
i wish i didn't care about every little thing
but word on the street is you don't care about anything

you're a hot mess
teach me how to care less

slipping into hollywood trope
uptight lady meets a rugged rebel type
but every touch seems unprecidented
never expected
love and stuff to live up to the hype
you close your eyes
fall asleep in seconds
i'm watching you, wide eyed and jealous
Track Name: cheap earrings
i need to stop wearing cheap earrings
cos every night my ears burn
but with wounds in my back
i'll come crawling back
cos you're a genius and i'll never learn

i need to stop eating expired food
cos every day i feel ill
when i think of your friends
who you'll always defend
but i know they make fun of me still

and maybe one day i'll pluck up the courage
to look you in the eyes again
and maybe one day if aliens invade in pure fear you'll reach for my hand

i need to stop reading the hororscopes
cos everything feels pre arranged
if the stars have aligned
and our future's designed
then how can this all feel so strange